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Important information:

Please read before first use of the T-BOW® and T-Bands:


The T-BOW® is made from HDPE – high-density polyethylene.  Its non-slip feet are made from 100% natural rubber. Clean rubber feet leave virtually no color marks behind and are slip resistant on smooth floors.  The comfortable foam rubber mat is antibacterial, kind to the skin and easy to keep hygienically clean.


We recommend to the user of the – high-density polyethylene T-BOW® to wear Tennis or soft-rubber Athletic Shoes for safe workout with the T-BOW®.  Never use the HDPE T-BOW® with bare feet. The T-BOW® is only intended for use according to the exercise training manual and home training DVD with which it is sold or available on  Check with your physician before using the T-BOW® to ensure that you are healthy enough for the T-BOW® workout experience, as you would with any exercise program. 


The T-BOW® is a Swiss quality product, manufactured to highest the standards. For its intended use (see, the warranty is five (5) years and bares a max. load up to 300 kg.


Attention User:

For your own safety and to protect the floors, please check the fasteners holding the feet in place for their proper recessed position periodically, as well as before the first use of the T-BOW®. Protruded fasteners can damage floors and inhibit safety. To warrant slip resistance for the rubber feet, keep them clean and check for ware and replacement periodically.


The foam rubber mat as well as the rubber feet are normal ware items and are not covered under the warranty. Claims for damage on any floors are not covered under any warranty and will be rejected.


For product information and user guidelines see: 

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